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 Call of duty 4

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Datum upisa : 20.11.2007

PočaljiNaslov: Call of duty 4   Ned Dec 30, 2007 7:33 pm

1. get winrar
2. open the file with the stack of books on it or the the file thats says .r00 or .r01
3. theres a type of file called iso file
4. drag and drop on to the folder
5. this will extract everything and make the files into a iso file
6. get daemon tools
7. launch daemon tools and itll be shown at the bottom right hand cornor ( windows) a red circle with a lightnighing going thru it
8. right click on it and itll say mount
9. now mount the iso file (this will create a virtual disk drive for ur computer neat right?)
10. then go to my computer and double click on it
11. this will launch the game installer
12. install the game
13. open the nfo in the folder with notepad and scroll down it'll say the cd key that the game will ask u during the install
14. and next blah blah agree installl blah shortcut blah finish
15. the program will ask if u want to play. say no and exit
16. right click on the virtual disk and go to explore
17. and go to the razor 1911 folder
18. using the my computer go to where the game was installed mine is "C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare" default
19. and drag and and drop the file in razor 1911 into the cod4 install folder and when it does this say yes when it ask if ur sure if u want to put the exe in razor into cod4. this will put a cracked exe allowing u to play without a cd in the phyiscal drive (for some reason it wont play in virtual drive -_-)
20. dance and play and enjoy

there u go in 20 simple steps to victory!!! >.> yep only 20 steps to get it working!!! YAY!!!

note: hmm for some reason the cd crack didnt work for me anyways a good place to find cd cracks is at gameburnworld heres one for this version


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Call of duty 4
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